Repair & Tuning & Parts of accordion

Welcome to my website totally dedicated to the services provided in my workshop- repairing and tuning of accordion.
By profession I am musician. As a child I was a music group member and a student of state music school. I played accordion and clarinet.
I was granted master’s degree at Wind Instruments and Accordion Chair of Music Academy in Poznan.

I professionally play in orchestra and repairing accordions in my passion.
Combining acquired knowledge, skills and practice enables me to professionally repair all kinds of accordions.
At my workshop I restore glory to accordions so that they can be used by next generations. I offer tuning, sealing, repairing of base mechanism and keyboard, maintaining or polishing.

I renew broken bellows or if there is a need I install new original Italian ones.

I provide services such as professional repair or instrument maintaining: general repairs, current revisions, minor repairs and maintenance. For repairs I use original Italian replacements.
Furthermore, I have original accordion replacements on sale such as: feet, pins, gaskets, straps or bass satraps etc.

I invite you to getting familiar and using my offer. I also would like to thank you for visiting my website.